Monitor and Troubleshoot
Data Frameworks & Apps

Data-first applications are complex and distributed.
Identify issues that go undetected.
Troubleshoot quickly. Scale faster.

Intelligent Monitoring for
Data-First Applications

Purpose-built monitoring for data-first applications. Provides end-to-end performance monitoring for complex and real-time data processing pipelines along with deep visibility into the individual data frameworks like Apache Kafka, Apache Spark, Elasticsearch, Apache Storm, Cassandra, Solr, etc.

Unified Visibility

Visibility into the logical data pipeline and early identification of bottlenecks that affect your business or data quality

Rapid Troubleshooting

Leverage anomaly detection and event correlation to identify common concerns such as throughput, latency, back pressure etc.

Zero Configuration

Completely automatic metric and metadata collection. Applies data science to detect components and configure respective health monitors

Visual Topology
Troubleshooting that is Fun!

Everything you need to gain visibility into your data pipelines and applications, all in one place. OpsClarity leverages data science constructs such as anomaly detection & event correlation to rapidly troubleshoot issues using common data pipeline concerns such as throughput, latency, error rate, back pressure etc.

We were seeing tangible productivity benefits from leveraging web-scale application components, but it was a long and laborious process for our operations team to find root causes for issues in this complex new environment. With OpsClarity we have intuitive visualizations, proactive anomaly detection, and powerful event correlation, allowing us to troubleshoot and pinpoint issues across our applications and infrastructure more quickly than ever before.

Raj Madhuram, VP of Engineering, C1X

Change the way Operations operates.

At OpsClarity, we work on the kinds of projects that visionaries dream of—using data science and cutting edge data infrastructure technologies to solve real problems. We’re looking for engineers, data geeks, marketers and sales professionals who want to change the Operations game.

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