See Inside Your Modern Applications & Data Infrastructure

Intelligent monitoring for your dynamic applications and data frameworks


What is OpsClarity?

Stop looking at crowded dashboards. Look at the application in its entirety.

OpsClarity provides an always-up-to-date map of application dependencies and health status by leveraging advanced data-science to automatically discover your dynamic applications and infrastructure. It automatically collects metrics, constantly learns your system, analyzes failures and helps you identify bottlenecks, earlier than others can.

Don’t spend any more time manually trying to keep your monitoring up to date.

 Look Beyond Metrics.
Monitoring that Learns and Understands Your Modern Applications.

Auto-configures, learns, and instantly reveals performance bottlenecks.


Fast Setup

Simply install OpsClarity agents and it auto-discovers all processes, auto-configures metric collection and sets-up monitors and alerts. 10x faster than closest alternative.


Deep Visibility

Not an olde tyme metrics dump. OpsClarity leverages AI & deep domain expertise on specific components to surface exactly what you should focus your attention on.


Correlated Troubleshooting

Robust data science is the secret sauce that enables OpsClarity to correlate events and identify bottlenecks across your apps. See the entire picture of inter-relationships.

Root-cause in Three Clicks

Visualize the entire data-pipeline and application topology. See health and state of every service and how errors propagate over time.


Application Topology

Logical and dynamic application map with service dependencies and health overlayed.


Replay the state of the entire system, not just a few metrics, to see how failure propagated.

Application Stats

Summary stats of total number of hosts, services and their health.

Event Logs

Events with all details scoped and filtered based on context.

Deep Integration and Metric Collection

Deep and comprehensive integrations. Auto-collects every metric across a wide variety of data frameworks, applications and infrastructure components.

FREE 14-day Trial of OpsClarity

Monitoring modern and dynamic applications is hard, but it gets easier when your monitoring configuration is completely automated and visualized as a dynamic real-time map.

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