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Monitoring Kafka Consumer Group Lag with OpsClarity, Part 3

In this Kafka series we are taking a deep look at Apache Kafka and Consumer Lag monitoring. In Part 1 of this series we discussed the basics about Kafka Consumer Lag. In Part 2, we discussed how some open source alternatives monitor Consumer Lag and their limitations. In this post, we will discuss how OpsClarity monitors [...]

By | November 23rd, 2016|Data Processing Frameworks, Integrations|0 Comments

Monitoring Kafka Consumer Lag – Part 2

With any new and fast moving technology stack such as Kafka, monitoring and operational tools are often a step behind or missing significant functionality. But we do have a couple of robust open source projects which are available and can be made to work in specific circumstances. One such tool is Burrow from LinkedIn, written [...]

By | November 18th, 2016|Analytics, Data Processing Frameworks|0 Comments

Understanding Kafka Consumer Groups and Consumer Lag, Part 1

In our previous blog we talked about monitoring Kafka as a broker service, looking at ways to think about disk utilization and replication problems.  But the Kafka brokers sit in the middle of an ecosystem, with Kafka producers on one side writing data, and Kafka consumers on the other side reading data.  In this post, [...]

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Understanding, Operating and Monitoring Apache Kafka

Apache Kafka is an attractive service because it’s conceptually simple and powerful. It’s easy to understand writing messages to a log in one place, then reading messages from that log in another place. This simplicity not only allows for a nice separation of concerns, but also is relatively easier to understand than more complex alternatives. [...]

By | July 19th, 2016|Data Processing Frameworks, Integrations|0 Comments

Reflecting on SRECon

Last week, OpsClarity sponsored a small conference in Santa Clara called SRECon. SRE stands for Site Reliability Engineering, and includes a wonderful community charged with keeping the Internet up and running.  This community is composed of your admins, network folk, ops crew and performance devs, to name a few.  They’ve seen the dark side of [...]

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Monitoring and Troubleshooting Apache Storm with OpsClarity

 Stream Computing Here at OpsClarity, we leverage Apache Storm extensively for business critical workloads.  OpsClarity collects and processes massive numbers of metrics in real-time, and real-time streaming is a natural fit for our requirements.  Streaming compute technologies can handle rapid fire events as they come in, and provide continuous updates.  For OpsClarity, it implies that [...]

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