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How OpsClarity Leverages Data Science and AI to Improve Automation and Root-cause Analysis

  Data science, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning have transformed e-commerce, personalization, digital marketing, search engines etc. Large scale analysis of data has become a powerful tool for businesses to create competitive differentiation. Seemingly left out of this, however, is IT operations - the place where all this incredible computation for data science takes [...]

By | December 13th, 2016|Data Science, Machine Learning|0 Comments

What have we been working on?

Our Product and Engineering teams here at OpsClarity have been busy for the last couple of months adding some new exciting capabilities as well as bringing about some major improvements with respect to usability, reliability and bug fixes. In this post we will share some of the exciting features we have added along with a [...]

Monitoring Serverless Architectures, Microservices and Containerized Applications

Application architectures and deployment paradigms typically evolve every 5 to10 years. We are in the midst of a major evolutionary change right now. Modern applications are increasingly relying on stateless microservices, are often paired with stateful data services (like NoSQL, Kafka, Hadoop etc.), and are being deployed on containers or leverage serverless architectures. As the [...]

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2016 State of Fast Data and Streaming Applications Survey

As businesses continued to increase their involvement in the digital economy, the need for exponentially faster understanding of market changes, customer responses, and system performance has become abundantly clear in 2016. The survey that OpsClarity released today reported that 92% of business and technology professionals employed in both small and large technology, retail, healthcare, finance and [...]

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Go Beyond Dashboards: Unshackling DevOps from noisy alerts and crowded graphs & dashboards

Application variety, volatility and complexity has exploded in the last couple of years. Powered by cloud-native and containerized microservices, distributed data processing frameworks, and continuous delivery practices, the number of application components has increased exponentially compared to first-generation service-oriented applications (SOA), while the lifespan of instances has become much shorter. Additionally, these distributed microservices are [...]

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