Riak to Elasticsearch: How we scaled our monitoring backend at OpsClarity

At OpsClarity we have developed an advanced monitoring and troubleshooting for modern stream processing applications. OpsClarity provides deep visibility of key concerns across a data pipeline and enables quick mean-time-to-resolution (MTTR) for the often hard-pressed operations and engineering teams. The OpsClarity platform itself is composed of several data processing pipelines and it ingests huge amount [...]

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Evaluating Message Brokers: Kafka vs. Kinesis vs. SQS

In last couple of years, we have observed evolution of several message brokers and queuing services which are all fast, reliable and scalable. While the list is long, in this blog, I will limit the discussion to SQS, Kinesis and Kafka. Simple Queuing Service (SQS) is a fully managed and scalable queuing service on AWS. [...]

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Reflecting on SRECon

Last week, OpsClarity sponsored a small conference in Santa Clara called SRECon. SRE stands for Site Reliability Engineering, and includes a wonderful community charged with keeping the Internet up and running.  This community is composed of your admins, network folk, ops crew and performance devs, to name a few.  They’ve seen the dark side of [...]

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Meet the OpsClarity Team: Abhinav Vora

One of the many things that excites people about what we do here at OpsClarity has to do with the DNA of our fantastic technical team. We stacked the deck with veterans in data science, large-scale systems engineering and data visualization to create the platform that Ops wants and needs to operate in today’s hyper-scale, [...]

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