Monitoring for your modern applications and infrastructure

Provides instant visibility into data frameworks and applications.
Stop spending time configuring tools, spend time innovating and scaling your apps.

Deep Integration and Metric Collection

Deep and comprehensive integrations. Auto-collects every metric across a wide variety of data frameworks, applications and infrastructure components.


Automated Topology Discovery

Every data framework and associated application is automatically discovered and clustered to create a logical application topology

  • Service relationships and dependencies across the data pipeline
  • Overlayed detailed health of each service and cluster
  • Powerful graphing to visualize large scale applications

Infrastructure Hostmap

Infrastructure map with real-time view of hosts, application services and data framework clusters.

  • Health status overlay for each host or service
  • Group hosts using tags like “service type” or custom tags like “pipeline name”
  • Gain immediate understanding of the entire system and pipeline state

API to Instrument Applications

OpsClarity provides full API access to capture any custom metrics that are special to your application or data pipeline.

  • Capture metrics and events and push them through a simple
  • REST API Tag annotations for each metric or even for each point.

Automated Health and Performance Monitors

Understand system and pipeline performance at a glance with real-time health information overlaid

  • Health tracked using automated port checks & anomaly detection
  • Over 20 anomaly detection models, auto-mapped to the context and behavior of each metric
  • Understand critical pipeline metrics such as overall throughput, error rate, latency etc.

Event Log and Timeline

Interactive timeline to replay system state like a DVR.

  • Visualize and understand data and pipeline health over time
  • Understand how failures cascade over time across data frameworks and apps
  • Pinpoint root cause of degradations within a few clicks

Powerful Multi-Service Event Correlation

Data-science driven event correlation eliminates noise and drives focus.

  • Visualize events from multiple services over time, all in one place, in-context
  • Events generated from automatic anomaly detection – that learns system behavior
  • Filter events by importance, type, and scope to find and diagnose problems, fast


Curated dashboards of service, system and custom metrics for each resource

  • Fine-grained metrics for each data service alongside system metrics of the underlying hosts
  • Drill down to get clear confirmation of any problem
  • Detailed health data that your dev and SRE teams can use every day


Get notified about performance issues that affect your business, application or data pipeline

  • Receive alert on any metric for a service, cluster or logical construct like data pipeline
  • Get notified via integrations such as PagerDuty, email etc.
  • Mute alerts for special conditions such as planned downtimes or maintenance upgrades

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