Data is your competitive differentiator

How are you monitoring the health of your stream processing apps?


Distributed & Clustered

Collect & correlate monitoring data from 10s of data frameworks & custom code


New Frameworks

Adopting new frameworks entails steep learning curves. Lack of deep visibility.


Data Pipeline

Concerns such as throughput and consumer lag have to be assessed across the pipeline

Spending too much time understanding metrics across data frameworks?

Are you focussing on delivering data driven insights to drive business?


Too many questions? Too many graphs?

Navigating the complexity of distributed, data-first applications is challenging – brokers, clusters, shards, workers, schedulers etc.; so you throw multiple application devs, application ops and SREs to master which metrics matter for each service, and then plot 100s of graphs. When issues pop-up, do you know which graphs to focus on?


Tribal knowledge does not scale

Today’s distributed data frameworks such as Apache Spark, Apache Kafka, Apache Storm, Elasticsearch, Apache Mesos etc. are extremely specialized. Your data-first application is a collection of multiple such frameworks running on containerized infrastructure. When you combine these components into a real-time data pipeline, the complexity of visualizing and monitoring the overall pipeline increases exponentially. Issues always pop-up unannounced. You cannot rely on all of the specialists to be available when you need them most.


Your application leverages data science, how about your application monitoring?

OpsClarity makes visibility and troubleshooting of these complex data applications easier. You should not be spending months to configure and fine-tune your monitoring tools. OpsClarity is an intelligent assistant for app developers and ops engineers. It learns application and infrastructure behavior, detects and correlates failures, and makes recommendations for increased focus and productivity – even as everything is continuously changing.


Intelligent monitoring and troubleshooting for data-first applications

OpsClarity captures the specific domain knowledge for the most critical metrics and events to collect for each application service and the specific kind of failure patterns to detect. Knowledge of how failures propagate across this complex system, not only alleviates the pain of manually configuring metrics and graphs, which can take weeks and months, but also provides correlated troubleshooting across the pipeline for rapid root-cause analysis.

Use OpsClarity to monitor your Data-First Applications



Complete visibility into all your data frameworks and applications, automatically


Health & Performance

Understand health and performance of your data pipelines in the context of your applications



Rapidly troubleshoot issues through guided multi-service event correlation